No Regrets

About Us

NO REGRETS is a minitruck club based out of Southern California. We currently have 10 chapters. We started in May of 2001 with just two members, Ernie Macias ( and Garry Stalling. Over the next few years we started to grow slowly and are currently taking on the world one country and state at a time. We're all about the minitruck lifestyle and we’re living it to the fullest. We pride ourselves not only on our trucks/cars but on the way we live and are perceived by our peers. To become a part of our organization just flag a member down at a show, I'm sure they'll tell you that it takes time and dedication and most importantly a clean and bad ass ride. Don’t be afraid to approach NR, were not like some of those other clubs. However we only look for the best and the most dedicated. No assholes and no attitudes.